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    Phone problems.....

    ok im on data connection pretty much the whole day.....every once in awhile when i try to make a phone call it tells me that i am unable to complete the call as dialed or its a wrong number or something......for EVERY call....its not saying it on the phone line, it gives me a pop up window where the antenna bars are.....any contact i go into the phone wil not make the call.....a soft reset brings things back to normal but i have found myself doing this about 1-2 times a day.....i always have agile on and that sometimes kinks out the phone but im not sure if thats it.....when i go into an area where i have no service obviously my data will disconnect....but when i get back to a place where i know i should have service i keep getting that window on and off about how its trying to connect to sprint blahblah then it says modem undected blahblah and keeps doing this over and over and over and over again until another soft reset is in order.....i was wondering if anybody else suffered these two same problems at one point or another.....

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    Yeah, I get this occasionally as well. You're right SR will fix it but that's a pain. In my case, it seems to happen most often when I lose service then regain it.

    Don't have a solution as its intermittent and hard to troubleshoot.

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    You think you have phone problems? Check out my post titled "Sick and tired of XV600. Need advice"

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