I posted this in another thread, but, not sure if it was getting the right views since it was a bit off topic. The sandisk wi-fi sdio card on my phone is causing extremely high cpu usage and will not stream correctly using gsplayer or any other streaming app.

Even running at 533 the audio still skips. If I connect over AS to my laptop it streams fine. Even if I use 1x it streams fine, but, with wifi it crawls. Looking at the cpu usage it appears to be the hsdcard.dll and the sdbusdriver.dll drivers.

My i700 had no problems streaming over wifi sdio and it was a slower cpu.

I have tried hard-reset and tested both sockets and sandisks drivers. Both do the same thing.

Can others who use this card, try streaming and see if the system slows down dramatically. Also, if the audio pops while streaming.