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    Coolest thing you've done with your phone

    Ok, top this guys.

    You may wonder in my signature what the raisin thing is all about.
    Well I got a new dog and he's got into some mischief.

    So I have a webcam to check on them now and then.
    Turns out the webcam saved my dogs lives because my wife caught them in the act eating a can of raisins. Turns out it could have killed them.

    Any way I've been a little nervous leaving them too long. Well we both work all day and wanted to go to a show this evening.

    The webcam will not work directly on the phone because it uses activex. So I usd terminal services to my desktop at home with the internet browser running the webcam.

    So we could check on them during intermission. They were both sleeping at the top of the stairs waiting for us to come home. Good dog.

    There is software I can buy to run it direct on PPC but it's very expensive.

    P.S. That raisin episode cost me $1500 in vet bills.

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    Raisins kill dogs? Were they chocolate covered?

    I merely used mine as a map of Paris on vacation. Much cooler than little paper maps.
    because camera phones r so 2004

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