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    Question Socket SDIO WiFi Card - Power Management Issues

    I'm using a Socket SDIO WLAN card in an as-shipped Audiovox PPC-6600. The latest drivers are installed from Socket's website. In general the card works ok, but I'm having power management problems.

    First, when the card is inserted the device won't ever automatically power off after x idle minutes. The screen will dim but the device stays on. I can manually power the device off, though. If the device is powered off, usually it stays that way (see below) - network applications won't wake it up when they request data, unlike when the phone is on.

    The second problem occurs when I use the phone communications. At home I usually use the WLAN card with the phone in flight mode, since I have marginal CDMA coverage at my house. When I leave I'll pop the WLAN card out and turn flight mode off, i.e. turn the phone and bluetooth comms on.

    Often when I return and pop the WLAN card back in, it won't be recognized, even if the card is popped out and re-inserted. I have to perform a soft reset to have the WLAN card recognized again. Also, if the card IS recognized, after that even if the device is turned off, the PPC battery will go dead with the card inserted. Not all the time, but occasionally, and only after I've used the CDMA comms. I haven't caught it actually powering back up then never shutting off, but that's what I suspect. I just wake up with a completely dead battery.

    It seems there's some conflict with the card drivers and the device's power management routines and with flight mode. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? Any suggestions on how to fix it, i.e. reduce soft resets and dead batteries?

    Tim Martin

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    I just got this card, and I'm seeing the same problems with it not being recognized until a soft-reset is done, even with the latest drivers. I origionally had thought I had a bad card because when I first installed the drivers and put it in, it wasn't recognized until I soft-reset twice.


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    I have the same issues as well plus it seems like it eats up more than it's share of cpu time. I hope Socket releases better drivers soon.

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    can we just put in the FAQ that non-built in versions of the 6600 series cannot do Wi-Fi easily

    that would make life much better

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    I just got my RMA for a return of my Socket SDIO Cart. Their support is pretty poor. Web-Ticket only. They promise 48 replies. Two queries took 5 days and 3 days respectively.

    So much for this gadget.

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    Comments here have been of great concern. Is ANYONE getting consistent WIFI use form this unit? I am in first week and very much wanting SKYPE for overseas trips and International calls. But it is sounding more like an immpossibility with each WIFI post here. Anyone want to challenge the logic of my taking this back and awaiting the i730? Sorry...


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    Mine works consistently, just not well. I know I have to soft reset if I want to use the card. That is a given. I don't use it often because of EVDO so take tmartin31 at his word that some people have power problems. I usually go for 30 minutes at a time with the wifi so I am not a good gauge for power but if you look at power numbers
    even at standby the card is pulling 15ma so expect your battery life to be quite a bit shorter.

    Anyway if wifi is a major requirement then I would say get the i730. Its $200 more and your CDMA radio is disabled while using wifi, but if you want Wifi for international who cares that the CDMA radio is off.
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