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    Great Save by Pocket Solutions

    Just thought I'd pass on a good experience I had with an XV6600 accessory vendor. I was taking my first trip since getting my Verizon XV6600 and wanted to get a travel charger. After searching here I finally found the kit I wanted from Pocket Solutions (www.thepocketsolution.com). It was a travel kit that used one USB cable but had AC and car adapters. The AC adapter was backordered but I tested the cable and car adapter, got the amber light and figured I was good to go.

    First night on the trip, I plugged in the USB cable into the phone with 30% power left, got the amber light, and left the phone to charge overnight. Next morning, bad news. Although there was an amber light, the phone did not charge. I tried the car adapter but same deal.

    I sent an email to Pocket Solutions asking for help and got a response from their president, Mike DiLeo. He sent me a better adapter kit overnight so I can have a phone for the rest of the trip. It's nice to find a vendor that stands behind their products and can help a customer.


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    wow...nice service. i bought the power solution from them. Glad to hear that i can always get an answer if problem ever arise. up to now, i still haven't test the ac nor the car charger. i just use directly from the computer to charge. i will test it to see if i have the same issue.

    did they tell you what the problem is? was the carger or the cable?


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