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    Post Careful when doing VPNs..

    This is kinda gimme in retrospect, but at the time didn't think it would be a big deal... I was out last night and VPNed into my home network so I could Remote Desktop to my pc. Sat down to watch a movie, so set the ringer to completely off but not Flight Mode. I disconnected the Remote Desktop session, but forgot to disconnect the VPN connection. Couple hours go back, movie is over and I go to turn on the ringer and the phone was quite *hot* and I battery was down to under 20%. I noticed that I had left the VPN connection going the entire time... Fortunately I have the unlimited plan so not a big deal there. However didn't think that much would go on with an idle VPN connection, however must be enough background stuff going on to drain the battery.


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    It's always good to take the vpn connection down when you're done. I've notice that every once in a while the device will wake up and check the vpn which after a while will kill your battery quicker than quick.
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