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    Wired GPS question Digitraveler.

    I have done extensive searching but I can't seem to find a direct answer to my question, so I hope someone here can help or perhaps guide me to the search term I can use to find my answer.

    I have both the Radio Shack Digitraveler and Delorme earthmate. I recently purchase the PPC-6600 and I would like to hook up one of them. I'm cheap right now, so I am ok with going wired. In my research, I came across PC-Mobile who has a wire contraption which they say works for XDA I and XDA II and t-mobile (which I think is XDA I compatible.) So my question is will this work for my 6600... Here's the link to both wires from pc Mobile

    Digitraveler -- Digitraveler

    Delorme -- Delorme Earthmate

    In addition, what are all the comptible names for acces. for the PPC-6600. Mean if I see an acces. which has PPC-6601, does that mean its compatible with PPC-6600... I think I've seen the name XDA III, PPC-6601, XV-6600, t-mobile(?), HTC, Blue angle (I think) as all having comptible interfaces... Is this correct? are there other?

    Please, if the answer already exists, please help and point me in the right direction.

    I come from the Palm world where things were relatively simple.

    -- tia
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    cables designed for the xda will fit your phone. i used my tomtom wired kit until i recently updated to bt (bluelogger). they may list imate, xda, mda or pda2k as compatible.

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