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    PPC6601 Survives a Beer Bath

    Welp one day cleaning after a party i decided to take the KEG OUTSIDE to drain while it was in the trash can. Well picked it up and carried it outside dump the extra beer out and look what floats out my PPC6601 i stare in amazement and shock....... i worry about my 1gig sd card also. pulled it out imidietly took out the bat and let it try out next to a hair dryer. well after 3 days of drying and or about a week it seemed i put the bat in smaked the phone and what do you know it boots up. only problem on the phone is vol down on slider doesnt work and a button seems to **** up alittle. other then that this phone survived a beer bath for a good 4 min

    btw been awhile since ive posted here guys miss ya and still look at the forum all the time

    P.S. my 1gig sd surrvived the tramma also did every check on it possible with software and its 100PERCENT perfect
    MotoQ HELO Q Sprint ROCKS
    PPC6601 Harrier THE TREONATOR
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    See---the AMA was right. Beer is good for you!
    Jeremiah 29:11

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    Makes note to self: Phone and SD cards like beer better than booze.

    Try rubbing alcohol to clean that volume slider. The phone seems to have become an alcoholic

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    You should have "rinsed" it first before drying it out.

    My old Palm Vx went through a full wash and I let it dry out and still works fine.

    How did it fall in there?

    I put rubber skids on the back so it won't slide out of shirt pocket when leaning over.

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