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    What is the difference between the 6600 vs 6601

    What is the difference btw 6600 vs 6601

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    the 6600 has a camera, the 6601 does NOT

    that's it! well, it also ships with the 3500 build ROM update which fixeds problems with bluetooth and whatnot...but if u got the 6601 u could just download the update..

    that's it! i've herad the camera is only 0.3 mp, but i've also heard 1.0 mp... either way the point is the quality is not all that great (grainy even in super fine 640x480 setting) but it's good enough for me, just depends on what ur looking for..

    ps. forgot to mention im referring to the ppc6600 vs ppc6601....so far verizon is not officially selling the xv6600 with camera, but you can get it on eBay for an arm and a leg...i hear there's a warehouse full of them in NY waiting to be shipped out when the phone becomes "offical" (who knows when that'll be)
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