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    Mulitple BT devices?

    I currently have my Sprint PPC 6600 paired with my Lexus RX330 (works great).

    I am interested in having a BT headset to use when out of the car.

    Can you set a priority for the different connections, or do you simply have to turn off (not stby) the device you no longer wish to use.

    If you have to turn off the device, would that make it impossible to switch from one to the other in the middle of a call? Or would the newly turned on device remain in standby until the current BT connection is lost and then pick it up automatically.

    Right now, if I am on a call and get into the car, the call automatically switches over to the car's BT connection once I start the car.


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    If you click and hold in bluetooth manager your handsfree shortcut, you can set the preferred hands free. So It will try the preferred one first then go back to the next handsfree. It seems to work with two devices. I have a headset and a handsfree profile on my computer. So if it finds my headset, it doesn't go to the computer. I haven't done extensive testing so I don't know how long it takes to default back. I am already having trouble with linking from sleep with just one device.
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    switching between the BT carkit and BT headset should not be a problem. I'm using two BT headsets with the PPC6600. Just turn one off and the other on, and the phone will connect to the headset that is turned on.

    Using two BT phones to share the same headset is not as easy. You have to let one phone release it to be able to connect to the other.

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