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    Answered w/BT headset - phone still ringing!

    The weirdest thing happened last night:
    I was sitting in my livingroom, and my 6600 began to ring. It was sitting out of reach, and I had my BT headset in my pocket, so I simply answered via the headset...

    As I began talking to my caller, the phone continued to ring!
    It rang four times (and I have a super-loud Old Phone ring tone, so that was really annoying during the conversation!), and then finally stopped.

    It also ended showing as a missed call:

    Notice that the duration is 00:00 - I actually spoke with my friend for about 5 minutes!

    Never had this happen before, but it was downright weird!

    Just thought I would share this oddity!


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    I always have that problem with the Plantronics m3500. Even after the ROM update, the PDA would find the headset and I would get the incoming call tone. When I pressed the button to answer, the headset would make a sound like it's going to connect, but the phone kept ringing.
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