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    Help with AS, what does this mean

    I searched and could not find anyone else experienceing this.

    I use AS with my 6600, after it docks and starts syching, it continues to sync to AVANTGO.

    It will hang there saying Autodetecting Network settings, then after a minute or two, I get a pop up error window "saying there is a problem with the servers root certificate, the server may not be trustworthy, so the connection was closed."

    What the heck is that, Its been doing that now for the last 8hrs, is that a error on my machine or a error with Avantago. Up until today its been fine.

    Also when checking out the settings for AS, I see you can sync wirelessly, Im assuming similar to Sprints BC. So I was thinking why not use that instead of the 5.00 for BC?

    So I tried AS wirelessly from the device, and I get a error "unable to connect, verify the dialup or proxy settings are correct. "

    What does all this mean

    Any clue

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    You can probably get around this by turning certchk.exe to off. Look on google.com for certchk.exe and how to use it. Just make sure that IF you turn it off, that you only visit sites you trust!

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