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    Firmware Update for PPC6600?

    I'm a previous owner of the PPC6601 and eventually returned it since I had so many BOD problems and wanted a camera as well. Today I finally bought the PPC6600 and was wondering about the latest firmware upgrade. I've looked over some of the existing posts but it's still confusing to me. Out of the box the new PPC6600 has the following:

    ROM version: 1.36.00 WWE
    ROM date: 01/13/05
    Radio version: HA00_140
    Protocol version: AA3.3.301
    PRL version: 10025
    ExtROM version: 1.36.110 WWE

    Is the firmware upgrade necessary with this version out the the box? Will it fix or improve anything? Since I haven't loaded any of my old software yet, I figured now's the best time to do it if it'll improve anything. Any ideas?

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    The firmware update for the PPC6600 on Audiovox web site, like other updates, does not say what it does. Your BT stack is already 3500 by default on the PPC6600. So I personally see no value in the Audiovox update.

    You could try it. Lots of people here did.

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    I have had mine for about two Weeks and was wondering the same. Also I wonder if this update will stop the device from going active instead of staying Dormant. Iuse to have the 6601 and never had this problem, and now I get albt of voice mail because the calls go voicemail because the internet goes Active on its own. Any one else noticed this?

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