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    BLuetooth will not reconnect automatically

    i have sprint ppc 6600 and have the 3900 patches, i had just update the new ROM extension and was having the problem with the 3500 so i thought i would try the 3900 but still the same issue with GPS, after it is in the system and working if I shut it off and then turn it on Bluetooth is not automically recognizing it, it makes me go in and reconnect it everytime. I have my BT set to allow other devices to automatically connect and discover me but still no luck, any suggestions? i also have under BT services, serial port checked enable service

    My BT keyboard (stowaway BT)and headset automatically connect, but my HP audio BT headset does it sometimes and sometimes not and havent been able to get the Stowaway BT mouse to work properly.

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    I think that is partly a respondsibility of the GPS software to reset it up. My Fortuna seems to work fine. But I have to tell the "software" to reconnect. It could have done it's own by Polling for it, once it's lost.

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