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    a strange problem with 6600

    I have the Sprint 6600 only about 2 weeks old and yesterday I was talking on the phone and all of a sudden the phone turned off (Like someone turned on the flight mode).

    It would not come out of flight mode so I did a soft reset. Nothing, it took probably 5 times as long to load and when it did the signal indicator had an exclamation point beside it. I did a hard reset and came up with the same problem. When I tried to turn on the phone it said operation failed.

    The service pop up said "no Service"

    I took it to a Sprint store and they had no idea what the problem was(not a shock). They told me I would have to wait until tomorrow to do anything. I said I had to have a phone so I got a Samsung n460 .

    They kept my ppc-6600 and told me they would call me today with a solution.

    Anyone else ever heard of that? It was pretty strange probably just a bad phone.
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    Bad Phone. Get it replaced under warranty.

    Good Luck,

    Bob Duckworth
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