Since I first got my phone I’ve set this up so I could get instant e-mail sent to my phone.

I first set it up (tested) at home using my pop3 account.

1st I setup active sync on my pc with my phone
2nd I went to the Verizon web site and installed a PC Monitor.

As long as Outlook is running on my home PC and is on all the time, anytime I get mail sent to my pop3 account it sends it to my phone within 1 min.

Next I set it up at work (took it off my home PC), We have Novell Groupwise there… I did it the same as I set it up at home but had to open port 3102 on my Pix firewall. But the same as home being I had to leave my PC on… end result… I Got my work e-mail sent to my phone instantly.

Now since I got my replacement phone, I removed everything from the work pc and web site and tried to set it back up. Now wireless sync does not forward the mail to my phone. Some kind of communication error.

Called Verizon data support thinking that I needed to open maybe a different port or something like that… But when I explained to them how I was doing this they told me that I HAD to have an MS exchange server to use this service? I told them I had it setup before and working but they told me they can’t support me or answer any questions since I was doing it a different way.

Anyway for the time being I setup my Groupwise account to forward mail to my pop3 account and re-set it up at home using my pop3 account. But I have to leave my home pc on.

Has anyone set this up using Novells GW? And having it so you don’t have to leave your PC on? Also is that right? That you should not use it the way I am?