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    pOutlook Leave Messages on Server

    I was wondering if there was any way to tell pOutlook to leave messages on the server if I delete them from the device.

    I have one mail account that has a large number of messages (>2000) and I dont want to keep all of them on my PPC but I also don't want them to be deleted from the server.

    I have searched around the forum for info about this but no clear conclusion. I cannot see any setting in the account options or pOutlook options for this feature.

    I am using POP email.

    Anyone know where this setting is?


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    Whose pop email are you using? With yahoo If I delete it on the server it gets deleted on the device. If I delete it on the device it still stays on the server.

    In gmail there is a setting that says leave all mail on gmail so that no matter what I do on the device it still is on the gmail server.

    Also you might want to try webis - it has more capabilities
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