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Thread: WiFi SD Card

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    WiFi SD Card

    Picked up a San Disk Wifi 256 mb card for my 6600, but after installing the software several times the phone is telling me that it still cannot access the card.

    Any hints, tips, or flat out obvious comments appreciated.

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    The Socket one works great. Other threads indicate that the San Disk w/out memory also works fine. Can you swap it?
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    6600 is manufactured by HTC and is known as the XDA III

    The 6600 is manufactured by HTC and is known as the XDA III.

    I know the above info because I had to work with the device before it was released for sale in the US; prior to that I had worked with it's predecessor the XDA II.

    If you go to SanDisk's page and download the compatibility chart you will see that the SDIO wi-fi +256MB card is not compatible with your device; however, their wi-fi only card will work.

    I hope this information helps.

    SanDisk's page:

    Link to compatibility chart:
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    I'll be getting an XV 6600 next month unless the i730 comes out before I need a phone. Has anyone expressed any difficulties specifically with the Verizon version of the phone in using either the Sandisk wifi only card or the Socket wifi card?

    And secondly, I know that this might belong on this thread but since we're talking about it . . . how quickly does wifi use on the device suck away its battery?

    Thanks all. Like LucisLoveChild said, any hints, tips, or flat out obvious comments would be appreciated.

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