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    Write Protected??? - Help!!!

    Here's my original Reply from one of the existing Ringtone thread:

    "I was able to copy 2 ringtones to the Rings folder. For some odd reason, I now unable to write/paste anything on any folder. Windows, My music, etc. folders. when I try to Synch from the 6600, the device ask for a user and/or server password. never did that before. Help!!!"

    I guess I should have been more clearer with my issue. We have two (2) User accounts in one (1) PC. Installed "ActiveSynch" on both user accounts. Here's the sequence of events:

    1.) Able to copy ringtones to Windows/Rings folder
    2.) Was able to change Ringtones using new copied tones
    3.) Called the 6600 and the new ringtone/s are working

    All of the above occured when the 6600 was on the cradle via USB.

    Here's what I think might have caused my issue, I did a synch from the 6600 and dialed #7777. As far as i can remember, the synch completed. Inadvertanly (sp?) switched to the other user and did a synch from the 6600. Dialed #7777 an then asked for a SERVER password. Note: It had a User ID of 0000000489 that none of us (my wife) had setup. Switch back to the other user (1st ActiveSynch installed) and did the synch from the 6600 once again. Dialed #7777, but now the User ID shows as the PHONE # and asking for a password. Note: I can perform ActiveSynch from the PC with no problems. But cannot write to any of the folders (i.e. Rings, My Music, My pictures, etc.). I was able to copy/paste to the "Rings" folder prior to the password issue. Did the synching from 2 different accounts somehow locked/ caused this issue? PLEASE HELP!!!

    One more thing I remembered, I also did a copy/paste from the 2 different users. This is more likely the cause of the issue I'm having, NOT able to write to the folders. Thoughts??? I just read somewhere someone having the same issue with password. IvanLasston suggested some settings which I will try when I get home. Here's the thread I read it from:

    VZW Internet Access Trouble Today??

    Now I learned from my wife that although the ActiveSynch from the PC completes with no issues, it doesn't seem to synch the the PC and the 6600 at all. She's not getting data from the PC to the 6600 like e-mails she recieved from the PC. I'm really in desparation now since she uses that for work.
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    Check out this article. From what I understand if you your phone is in the cradle and you switch users, you can only sync as guest. I had a hard time following what the rules are.

    pocketpcmag.com doesn't have the article up yet but if you are near a book store check out the april 2005 issue. Page 60 is what you want to look at. I think its about the same information as the link above.

    Sorry I don't have multiple xv6600 that I can break to test this out for you.
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