Has anybody tried using the bluetooth hands free car adapter from Gold Lantern?

I'm trying out the Multitalk.

Conceptually it looks and feels great. This hands free unit fits into a cigarette lighter plug. In my car, it looks like it is supposed to go there. There is a nice big blue button on the side which acts as the answer/hangup button.

The wireless microphone clips to the sun visor and turns itself on when a call is started. It also has a manual switch to turn it off just in case.

I'm finding that the sound quality over the speaker and earpiece is rather poor, but then again, it really sounds just like using the 6600 up to my ear (I've mentioned this poor sound quality before).

Is bluetooth supposed to sound this muddy and distorted? I would have thought that the sound quality would be better as though I were using a stereo wired headset.

On the other hand, other people seem to find that I sound clear and fine. The only complaint is that under certain conditions, the other end hears their own echo, but since I turned on the ADP mode, that has gone away.