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    Is anyione successfully using a Bluetooth access point for Network access?

    I have abandoned the idea of using a bluetooth dongle to get my 6600 on my lan. There is one very nice and patient person out there named qu1nn who has it successfully working, but it ain't happening here.

    is it worth the added expense of a BT access point, or does that not work either? I'm not talking about internet access, I want my 6600 to get its own local ip so i can browse network shares.

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    Hey just posted back in the old BT thread. If you are gonna invest in anything, get the sdio wifi from socket or socket. I had thought about getting a BT access point but the cost is pretty high.

    Go to the middle of the page to see APs

    I have not tried it.

    I will say that with sdio wifi I can get to my network shares and the internet but I need to soft rebooot to get the ppc to recognize the card.
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