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    Question Keypad shortcuts?

    Hey all, first post here. Love the site and love my xv6600!

    I have a couple of quick questions and a search yielded no results so...

    Is there a list of keypad shortcuts for accessing menu items? For example; I've found that I can hit FN->Menu->r to reply to txt messages. This is a tad cumbersome. Are there shorter versions (read: less keystrokes) and/or a list of these kinds of shortcuts?

    Also, when txting, I can't seem to find a way to access the menu items along the bottom of the screen i.e.; Edit Tools My Text, etc., without taking my hands off the keypad to touch the screen. Are there keypad shortcuts for these items?

    I'm hoping that, like WinXP, there are keyboard shortcuts for everything...

    Sorry if these are utter n00b ?'s, this is my very first pda, let alone converged device!

    Thanks in advance!

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    The one thing you can change is start->settings->buttons
    button 9 : change it to <context menu>. That will bring up the "right click" menu which gets most of what you want to do.
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