Ijust upgrade to ppc 6600 instead of buying a cell and pocket pc
and have them connected with BT to go on the internet or retieve email .
I have sprint and today I was online with my new ppc (feel good) but i found that the speed is like the old days 33. or 56 kbs

so what i need to know is

1- is sprint only have this speed I thoght that 3G should be faster and how i can get the speed that i see some people are using 100+kbs and is verizon better and wich is cheaper

2- and if the speed only that why do i need vision from sprint can i use the ppc to connect to my ISP I have 20+hours allowens to use from my ISP so why should I pay sprint for the vision service if i can do the same thing by dialing to my ISP and how can I set this up

thanks for the help