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    iZon BT-205 Bluetooth MP3 Headphones

    These look pretty neat:

    I haven't seen them mentioned here before. It includes an FM radio, and you can use 'em without a PPC, too! Just plug the SD card directly into them and save the PPC battery. If I can find one for <$200, I may just have to give them a try.
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    Cool iZon BTSD205-512

    I saw your post and happen to be in the market for the iZon myself. A couple of things; one, the iZon can support an SD card of 512MB in the 205-512 model but the price increases from $200.00 to $250.00, and www.geeks.com supposedly has the $200.00 model on sale for $139.00. I saw this model on sale for $100.00, but am having trouble finding the website again. If you should locate it, please let me know!

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