I was out of town this weekend, and needed to check my email, but all I had with me was my Toshiba Libretto and XV6600.

I plugged in my USB 2.0 PC card, then my Ambicom BT USB dongle and dialed into the internet with the laptop through the XV, so I could get my mail.

Then I decided to sync and charge the XV6600 while it was still proving the internet for the laptop via BT. Active sync 3.8 connected to the XV6600 and sync'd, but most interestingly, it needed an internet connection to sync Avantgo and Epocrates, which went fine!

It was totally circular, with the XV6600 providing the internet connection for the laptop, and the laptop used it's internet connection to update the XV6600 (rather than the XV6600 getting the update directly). The Phone signal icon doesn't even show the arrows when only using the phone to give BT DUN to the laptop, until you sync with active sync.

With "start>settings>connections>advanced" on the XV6600 set to use "My Work" for the internet, I was able to surf the web or check email on both the laptop AND the XV6600 with just the one connection through 1xRTT.

This is almost as good as using my powerbook's Wifi broadband connection to allow the XV6600 surf the web wirelessly through a BT Activesync connection, where I can surf from the couch with a 6oz device while my computer is 30 feet away....