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    Automatic Network Log On - Getting rid of the prompt??

    I'm using the Verizon XV6600WOC,

    Everytime I try to use IE, MS messenger or other Internet related application the device prompts me with:

    Resource: CDMA2000

    Username: ______________
    Password: ______________
    Domain: _______________

    __ Save Password

    OK Cancel

    If I click OK, the unit logs into Verizon's network and everything is fine. How do I set this device to remember my settings (basically leaving all fields blank) so I don't have to click OK everytime I log in?? I had an an earlier version (demo model) of the Harrier before i bought this one and it never prompted me for the information, it just stated that it was dialing #777 and automatically connected. Please Help!!!

    Thanks in advance for any support,


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    Anybody got an answer?

    I have this same problem, although I will go for months without it happening, and then it will happen every time for about two weeks, and then disappear again.
    Search? What is this "Search" thing you talk about?

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    Sounds like your phone leaves VZW and roams elsewhere, at which point the settings get marked as invalid... then you go back in, and get questioned, but the VZW settings unchanged work. Is that possible?

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    Did you try clicking the "Save Password" box? I did that and it doesn't ask for any information and connects.
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