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    Which citrix client for Audiovox XV6600?

    Citrix lists two clients which seem plausible, one for ARM processors, one for ARM4I (a.k.a. ARMv4i) processors:

    Does anyone know which works?

    I know the xv6600 has an Intel XScale PA263 running at 400 MHz, but I can't find info on the web, usenet, or any forums on whether that's ARM or ARMv4i.

    I'd prefer not to download the 'All Processors' citrix client, to save space and possibly other resources.

    Thanks in advance ...

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    Go with the arm version.
    Eric Hicks, Microsoft MVP, Mobile-Devices
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    Will the Citrix client connect to plain-jane terminal server/remote desktop (RDP) or does it require the server to be running Metaframe?

    I figure there's a chance, since Citrix piggybacks on RDP to do its thing.

    I am "underwhelmed" with the MS built-in terminal services client and I'm looking for other options but there don't seem to be any.

    Hopefully MS has plans to update it for Magneto.


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    The terminal client included will connect to a XP Remote Desktop server. Not sure about other citrix stuff.

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    that_kid - thanks, the ARM client worked well.

    In return for all the free help I've received on my project, and because I haven't been able to find similar information elsewhere, I'm posting my experiences for future victims:


    Below is a description of my experience getting a Citrix
    client running on my system. Your experiences using
    your own system may vary.

    Also note that I've only been using this installation for a few
    hours, so I'm sure there are issues I haven't yet encountered.


    Audiovox XV6600 PDA/Phone
    320x240 screen
    It's manufactured by HTC and also rebranded as a UT
    Starcom PPC-660x and Sprint/Audiovox PPC-660x, among
    Processor: Intel PXA263 @ 400 MHz
    RAM: 128 MB
    Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
    Version 4.21.1088 (Build 14132)
    Citrix client for Windows handhelds on ARM processors
    v8.33 15Feb05
    ISP: Verizon BroadbandAccess (EV-DO) cellular: 300+ Kbps
    down, ? up (Verizon predicts 60-80 Kbps in one place).


    From Citrix, I downloaded the ARM (not ARM4i / ARMv4i)
    .cab file directly onto the XV6600. I tried the .exe file,
    but WinMobile said it wasn't a valid executable. The Admin
    Guide pdf, from the same location, was useful.

    I clicked the .cab install file, and it appeared to install
    quickly and smoothly.

    At the end, a window said the application was designed for an
    older version of the OS and might not display correctly. I
    haven't yet noticed that problem.

    After I cleared all the screens, I found a window saying, 'The
    Citrix client did not install correctly, please re-install.'
    (I'm paraphrasing.) I ignored the error and so far haven't
    noticed problems.

    File Explorer showed a \citrix directory filled with files.


    Start | Programs shows two config utilities: "Citrix Client
    UI Settings" and "ICA Client".

    The first configures remote access *into* the PDA's Citrix
    client, for, e.g., administrators to manage remote PDA
    users. I didn't use it.

    "ICA Client" accesses typical Citrix client configuration
    settings, plus a few unique to the platform:


    Under Edit Global Settings | Edit Preferences or, for a
    custom connection, [custom connection] | Edit | "Edit Window
    Settings" is they key setting: My screen is 320x240, so the
    Citrix client's zoom and pan features are essential

    *IMPORTANT*: To use zoom and pan, the "Window Size" had to
    be set to the size of the full *desktop* which I wanted to
    zoom and pan around; 640x480 or 800x600 in my case.

    When Window Size (or Default Window Width/Height in some
    places) was set to Seamless, Fit to Screen, Full Screen, % of
    Screen Size, or a PDA-sized fixed size, the Citrix client
    cropped whatever didn't fit and was unusable.

    "Window Size" should more appropriately be called "Desktop
    Size", which is what I'll call it from here on: It controls
    the size of the virtual desktop, not the size of the window
    on your screen. If the Desktop is larger than your tiny
    screen, you can pan around and zoom in/out.

    Note also that you must sometimes configure Desktop size on
    the server, not your client. For example, on a Web Interface
    server I use, I had to configure the setting there (through
    the user's configuration controls, not the admin's).


    The client worked equally well with a Web Interface server
    and with a custom connection.

    Every time I launch the client, it tries to launch a
    Bluetooth connection. If I cancel the bluetooth operation,
    the client proceeds normally. If I don't, the whole PDA
    hangs and requires a soft reset. Annoying, but easy to work

    Beyond that, it works much like the desktop Citrix login.


    Everything works just like a desktop Citrix session and is
    nearly as responsive, at least over a 300+ Kbps EV-DO

    The only problem is screen real estate: Many accomodations
    must be made for using full desktop apps on a 320x240 screen.

    As discussed above, pan and zoom are essential. Both are
    easy to use and very responsive over my connection. Kudos to

    Even with an 800x600 desktop, I can zoom all the way out so
    it shows the full desktop in miniature on the pda's screen.
    At that resolution, I can still accurately click buttons and
    Start Menu items, though I can't read any of the text. Note
    that Citrix Management Console recommends 800x600 resolution
    for itself.

    I wish I could hide the title bar/taskbar at the top of Win
    Mobile -- what a waste of real estate. Citrix does offer a
    full screen mode, but then you can't access the zoom buttons.


    I haven't tried printing or using other local hardware,
    including a local drive.

    How do I input the CTRL, ALT and function keys (e.g. F1 ... F12)?
    They aren't on my XV6600 keyboard. The virtual keyboard does
    have a CTRL key. Settings | Buttons doesn't have CTRL, ALT
    or F# as options. I'll look for a keyboard mapping utility,
    I suppose.

    How do I stop the Citrix client from trying to launch the
    bluetooth connection every time?

    Incoming voice calls (even if I don't answer) change the data
    connection from EV-DO (300+ Kbps down / ? up) to 1xRTT
    (40-100 Kbps). Will Citrix disconnect? If not, will it be
    responsive enough? If it does disconnect, the Citrix client
    promises a "Session Reliability" feature that allows users to
    reconnect from temporary interruptions.

    Can I hide Windows Mobile's taskbar (at top)?

    I wish there was a handheld client for EV-DO that has a
    640x480 screen and a keyboard (like the Sharp Zaurus SL-xxx)
    but I haven't found one yet. A Zaurus + 1xRTT + VNC to a
    desktop is still a tempting alternative

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