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    PPC6600 Bluetooth problem

    I had a PPC6601 and applied the BT3900.CAB patch. No problems pairing with my Prius. Connected quickly and stayed connected. Now I have a PPC6600 (camera version) and have not applied any patches. I now notice that sometimes I cannot pair with my Prius and when it does it frrequently loses the connection.

    Anyone else have trouble maintaining a bluetooth connection with the PPC6600? Any patches available that would help?


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    I have had no trouble with my Jabafreespeak250... unless it was in my pocket. Some reason being close to my body makes the connection unstable.

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    Well there is a patch for the 6600... Last I heard no one could quite decide what it fixed, but at least one person said it had some bluetooth fixes in it.

    I haven't applied it yet since I don't have time to reinstall all my stuff (it requires a hard reset), but if you want to try it you can download it here.

    My parents have an 04 Prius and absolutely love it. I have to admit it's a very cool car, and a geek's dream come true. My biggest complaint is the stereo system. I don't consider myself much of an audiophile, but even I think it sounds god-awful for music... and since it's so tied in with the LCD screen and molded into the console, it's not worth trying to retrofit... although I'm sure a few enterprising geeks have done it.

    Hope the patch helps you with your Prius... and here's hoping HTC/Broadcom will get the remaining bluetooth bugs worked out!

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    It is a hardware issue, no question about it. Some of the 6600 bluetooth radios are faulty. Common symptoms include the headset losing connection with the PPC if the unit is turned off or goes to sleep, intermittent connections, random disconnects, etc.

    I had the same exact issues, tried everything under the sun and even spent an entire afternoon with a PPC tech savvy Sprint tech, nada. Swapped out the phone and lo and behold, my new 6600 connects perfectly, never disconnects even when power is off/sleep.

    Just get a new unit thru warranty. This should be a sticky because I know lots on these boards have had the same problem. I think this will become a known issue like the beep of death for the 6601.

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    Paird my 6600 yesterday with the Prius. Took a little doing. At first it didn't want to pair. Then after a little goofing around, it did. Can't recall the exact steps I took. Just as with the Treo 650, I had to reboot the Prius a time or two, and then start a call from the handheld. Now it seems to pair up when I get in the car.

    However, the incoming sounds often sucks. It's got overload distortion going on (not digital distortion, I don't think). It sounds like the level coming in from the 6600 is too high. If the person speaks quietly, there is no problem. Anyone notice this?


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