I have just moved over to the new Verizon Audiovox V6600 unit.. Hoping I can get some insite on a few questions in regards to standby mode (cant think of a better word)..

If I have the phone shut off , the modem is still on (if I choose so)... I am running News Break (RSS feeder) which is set to automatically pull new info and then let me know.. Shouldnt it turn my PPC on to let me know? Kind of like when you have an appointment reminder your PPC turns on..

Is there a mail program that will automatically pull my emails (POP3)and then let me know I have them..Same thing, turn on my PPC when new messages have arrived.I am using WebIs for mail (Informant)

I tried Verizons Push Mail. It doesnt seem to work to well....

Hope I am making sense..

BTW,, this phone is great and so is the service with Verizon.