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    Unhappy BT-338 PLease help

    My PPC-6600 and GlobalSat BT-338 are working in perfect harmony .. Well ... almost perfect.... here is the problem ... whenever i turn off the PDA portion of the the PPC and turn it back on ... the ppc screen indicates the the "Bluetooth Browser" window asking me to select a Bluetooth device .... giving two options ... BT-GPS-300EB8 (the BT-33 or the Motorola HS810 (headset) ... ofcourse i would select the GPS and everything be okie-dokie .... now ... is this to be expected? or am i doing something wrong .... does this mean that the gps is not paired correctly??? ... can someone please help me so that i dont have to go through this step everytime i turn on the pda portion of the ppc .... everytime time it asks me i would select the box that says "always use the selected device" then i would select the GPS BT-338 ... but when i turn off the pda and turn it back on again...it would ask me the same thing again.... please help

    thank you so much in advance....
    Thanks...but probably still confused.

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    You are experiencing the "4th ring" problem.
    PPC6600 BT headset answers on 4th ring?!

    Sometimes, even with the newest bluetooth stack, when you hit the power button bluetooth shuts off.

    You can confirm this - Make sure you are at the Today Screen where the bluetooth icon is in the lower right of your screen. When you hit the power button the screen turns blank. Hit the power button to turn it back on. The bluetooth icon will be blue, it will turn grey, with a red X, then turn blue again. If you see this, then turning off your PPC with the power button is not an option if you want bluetooth to stay connected.

    Try Screenlock.
    AT&T Jailbroken Iphone 3G 2.2

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