I thought the problem was related to the XV6600 since I had fewer problems with my Treo 600.

However, after several hours testing with Intellisync, we've confirmed that Wireless Sync changes documents once touched by Poutlook or from the website. WS has lost attachments and messed up my calendar entries.

I kept getting this message on emails:

"This document has been altered since the time it was signed! Intentional tampering may have occurred."

and this one

"Variant does not contain a container"

The Intellisync rep sent me an HTML file to my Lotus Notes and had me open it from the VZW website. When the document was sync'd back as read, all of the HTML and images were stripped out. This is NOT what Intellisync thought was happening since it doesn't happen that way with MS Exchange. WS is only supposed to READ our messages -- not make changes to them.

They wanted me to do the hard reset and redownload the software but I told them that I already did the hard reset and the software comes with the XV6600.

They have have the problem now in their queue to resolve and I wish them luck. Hopefully, they can fix their product to stop trashing my email.