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    Activesync contacts screwy after sprite restore

    I did a full restore using Sprite backup (the image had everything sync'd already).

    1. I now realize I should hard boot the phone prior to the restore.
    2. I should turn syncing off prior to restore... since I watched active sync go crazy as the restore was in process.
    3. I should delete the partnership first before restoring the image.

    Ok... even after I do all teh above... all seems fine after the restore (the phone is perfect and syncd as it was when I created the image)
    EXCEPT when I let activesync finish the first sync (standard partnership set to replace conflicting data on teh phone) after the restore... all contacts up to the letter C are gone from the phone. All contacts are intact on my computer A-Z... but I cannot figure this out !

    Any help would be greatly appreciated ! As it is now... I just didn't sync after the restore so I can go this weekend with all my contacts.


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    Try deleting all of your contacts on the PPC (or hard reset & restore again and don't restore your contacts database). Then activesync and see if everything transfers over.


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