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    upgrades / updates???

    Alright guys,
    ive been reading this forum for a month, doing my best to find the answers im looking for instead of starting a new post (i.e. making someone upset). But i cant take it anymore. I'm lost

    Ive got the PPC-6600, and it works well (few minor mess-ups).
    But i keep reading about "updated ROM" and "latest download from Audiovox"and "radio versions"...etc.

    All i know is i have:
    ROM version 1.36.00 WME
    ROM Date 01/13/05
    Radio Version: HA00_140

    I have no idea these mean or what you guys are talking about, but want to learn and want to be running the latest and most up-to-date versions of everything on the phone. Ive searched everywhere but dont know enough about what i am doing to actually get something upgraded/updated on my phone.

    Can anyone help me out? Maybe give me a few quick things i can do to be updated!

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    Smile Try this

    I got help reading through this forum. Try this one for starer.
    Summary of ROMs and patches
    Thanks...but probably still confused.

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    if you have searched them you would be up to date.

    in short, dont be in a hurry to install the latest and greatest. i have one of the first production run 6600 camera version and i have not updated anything and my phone works as it should(excluding the BT/sending photos issue). same for my old hitachi G, i never updated any OS or firmware and my phone works just well even today. so dont be in a rush..

    search for Ehud's posts.. thats all you need to know..

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    Amen, unless you have a serious interested in computers I would not mess with the system. It will work fine, and in fact the less you do to it the better it will work. Many of the readers and contributors to this forum live on the "bleeding edge" of technology.
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