I've had the 6601 since it was available to me in November. I've had my share of issues with it but there isn't a better option for me right now.

These are some things I'd like on my next phone:

1 Another manufacturer's mark -the HTC/Audiovox is flimsy and easily damaged.

2 A phone that doesn't echo - I've had MANY people complain that they here there own voice no matter which headset I use or don't use or what volume things are set at. I don't hear any real echo but my callers sure seem to.

3 A higher res screen so the unit could display more with a slightly smaller size.

4 Make two distinctly different models I'd like one without any camera or keyboard since I use it mostly for data retrieval and can type fine on the screen - basically anything that would make it smaller and thinner. Don't just sell the same unit with and without that are the same size - hmmm - I wonder if I'm hauling around empty space for a reason? Find out if there is actually a market for SMALLER pda phones. There are many people who say they want the camera - fine but lets see how many units of each sell if they make the one without the camera smaller since it won't have the wasted space.

5 A louder ringer - I'm not sure how many times this has to be posted about any phone before they listen and yes I've added louder ringers.

6 Windows 2005 - hopefully activesync 4 won't hang outlook and will only sync with the correct profile

7 A case that doesn't make so many of us immediately need to buy a new case.

8. A car charger - hmm - I couldn't imagine ever using my phone outside of the home or office - duh - why not just include it!?! I've had cell phones in the past that did include them - I didn't feel like they were putting as much effort into screwing me. I'm concerned they will try and start selling phones without wall chargers either.

9 An earphone jack on the side that is easier to get to.

10 A bluetooth module that actually works with bluetooth headsets. One that can be used to voice dial would be great - part of that is the OS but other manufacturers made modifications so their BT headsets could initial calls with 2003.

11 A side button for voice dialing that doesn't mean disabling other functions for that side button.

12 Include Voice Dial. I don't care if it isn't part of 2003. If I pay $500+ for a phone I would expect it to have at LEAST the same features as the phones they give for free. Since the free phones can dial 30+ contacts that $500 phone sure better be able to do it as well when I take it out of the box! Stop nickel and diming us!