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    BT and Voice Command: Why not?

    I received the following message from a Microsoft Voice Command technician:


    I wanted to explain you why BT headsets don't work with Voice Command.

    It's not the Voice command which is incompatible with the headset, but it's the headset which does not permit the quality of sound to be superior that speech recognition software can detect the commands properly.

    Bluetooth headsets in the consumer markets are designed to work in sampling telephony quality speech. Samples are typically stored as raw numbers (linear format), or as logarithms (u-law (or A-law in Europe)) and this logarithmic representation approximates perceptual uniformity, under this uniformity, it samples sound only at 8bits which is more than sufficient for telephone conversation, but all the speech recognition software require voice to be transmitted / sampled at least in 16bit samples so that the voice quality is rich enough for speech recognition. However manufacturers are addressing it with companies like Microsoft to enhance the quality of the headsets to support Speech Recognition as we are looking at the future here when it comes to speech recognition without programming software to recognize one's voice.

    So the bottom line is you'll need to wait till there are 16bit BT


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    Well, you got fed a line of BS... that may be MS's reason for not implementing it with Voice Command, but there are a few devices on the market that use VoiceSignal software that permits Voice activated dialing over the BT headset (Motorola MPX and the New Samsung i730).

    Not to mention most every bluetooth phone by Sony Ericcson (and other manufacturers) allow that feature.

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