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    Rivit Post Too Small for Brando Case

    Just so you'll know (for those of you, who, like me only own a Brando) you won't have to get the free Rivit screw-in post...

    They sent my beta test post and the diameter is way to small to thread into my Brando case. The Rivit system must be very tiny. The only way that I could use a Rivit clip would be to use one of their systems as advertised above and have it bounce around with their lanyard somehow, but I don't even know if that would work with the Brando case, since they only sent me a Rivit post as a feebie.

    To clarify, the Rivit post (now in beta testing mode) will not work with the Brando leaderhardcase.

    (edit-- YIKES, I didn't mean to post this is a new thread, I thought I was replying to a post in the thread about cases. So sorry about that.)
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    Well, since this thread has already been started, here's what I did with the Brando.

    The threads in the Brando case are 4mm-.7. So I bought a generic clip, the kind where the post glues on to the back of the phone. I used a grinder to take off the big lip where the glue backing is attached.

    The post already had a hole through it that had a shoulder for a screw head. I found a hex screw that had a head small enough to fit down the hole but large enough to catch the shoulder and hold the post down.

    Now I have a spring clip and a post that allows me to 'ratchet' the case. Meaning I can get it to sit vertically or horizontally.

    Much better than the stock clip that came with it.
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