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    Broken Headset Jack

    My headset jack has broken off inside of my phone. Does anyone have any idea on how to remove this.


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    Yes, but you're not going to like it.

    The process may short out the headset connections, and I'm not sure what the consequences of that are, so I'm going to recommend you take off the main battery, and drain the backup battery, so there's nothin to short.

    This will wipe your entire config. So... backup first, once with xbackup to the SD card. Once with Sprite. That way you have a backup and a fallback backup to rely on.

    Take three clothing pins. These are the very thin pins that you see on brand new dress shirts that hold it to the cardboard. Use these to pry the inside piece into coming out.

    Essentially you'll be making the same head as a "plumber's snake" out of those three pins, except that the pressure will be done by your thumb and forefingers.

    The key to remember is that you want to apply a LOT of pressure from the three pins at 120degree angles on the stuck middle piece, and a little pressure on actually pulling it out.

    ALTERNATE PLAN: This one requires manual dexterity with a micro soldering-iron. If you have that, it's easier. If not, this will wreck your PC.
    Take a piece of thick solder, and solder it to the middle of the exposed inner stuck piece. Wait for it to cool ... and pull.


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    If you are really into risk, you can use super glue instead of soldering.

    Or cash in the insurance...
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    I have the fix. Go to Home Depot and buy their micro screwdriver kit. 19 bucks. You need a size 6 0r 7 STAR head screwdriver. Remove the two white screws on the sides of the ppc 6600. Take the battery out and remove the 3 black screws on the back. Now, you have to remove the VOID sticker to get to the last screw....them's the apples. now pull the back cover off slowly. Now if you have the flash unit you can pry the white square off (it has sticky tape on the back). now get a decent size paper clip and unfold it. You can push the broken jack back out. Take your time, it is hard to see it from the bottom of the jack, but mine was on the right side of it with some solder connections on the left.
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    The side screws are T-6; I have a T-6 lying about and used it to tighten the side screws just recently
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