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    Replace Widcomm Bluetooth with Microsoft

    I'm working on writing a program that uses Bluetooth, but the fees for the Widcomm stack SDK are high - even using HighPoint.

    So I'm wondering if I can wipe out the Widcomm bluetooth stack and replace it with the Microsoft stack. Or have BOTH stacks on the phone and some other piece of software to switch between the two.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Nope... I don't know of anyone that's done this successfully. The BT stack is pretty well-ingrained in the ROM.

    For future devices that will come with Windows Mobile 5.0 I'm not sure what will happen... if Broadcom intends to develop a new stack for that OS or if MS will take over all Windows Mobile devices with its stack. Time will tell--and we should know as soon as Dell and HP release their upgrades to WM 5.0--because both of those manufacturers use Broadcom currently.


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