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    Please answer these question....PLEASE

    Howdy all!!

    Quick questions:

    I had the xv the day it came out. I was sorely disappointed b/c of the low ringer issue. HAVE they fixed it?

    Have they fixed the low earpiece volume?

    Have they fixed the bluetooth headset issue?

    I was gonna buy the Treo 650 but it's beat w/o EVDO. If I'm gonna blow another wad, it's not gonna be for Palm OS and 1X. FO SHIZZLE. Thanks.
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    1) Ringers can be made loud, I don't have an issue with that now.

    2) Ear piece? Try the volume lever on the cord or the settings on your phone. I almost became deaf the other day it's so loud!

    3) Bluetooth, I'll leave that to someone else. I bought one, it worked, but wasn't worth $70.00 for the talk time I use on my phone. I'll wait till later! Altho I'm going to buy a new car soon and bluetooth is a must on my next ride!
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    1. Only fix for low ringer is to put a louder ringtone on it.
    2. No
    3. What do you mean? It works well with some headsets, not so well with others. YMMV.
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    For me the BT is working fine. I have the itech stereo clip. Which I use for both the phone and the multi media side of our toys. This also means that ringtones are a moot problem. The headset chims in when I get a call. I could never hear ringers on my other phones either. And as far as headset volume, I was listening to some mp3's while cutting the grass the other day.

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