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    Troubleshooting the stubby little spectec wifi card

    I posted this at hofo, but thought I would try here as well since i don't think many of thjose guys are using 6600s.

    I have the spectec card, and when it works, it is as advertised. Stronger signal, better battery life, etc.

    However, it only works for about 24 hours, then the whole thing craps out and has to be reinstalled. Here's my sequence of events:

    I have a audiovox ppc-6600 (blue angel/harrier i forget which it is aka). I installed it for the first time and the device hung on "Setting registry". Soft reset fixes that and it works fine on reboot, i am able to remove and reinsert the card and it quickly picks up where it left off. But, after about 24 hours, it will no longer respond when i insert the card, and starting the WLAN program brings up the message "can not open control channel".

    Natural instinct is to uninstall/reinstall, but there is no entry in "remove programs" related to it, which I am guessing is a result of the aforementioned hang during install. So now, the only way to get it up and running again is to hard reset, and we all know how much fun that is.

    This has happened with the included driver from spectec, as well as the one off the eastgear site, and it has happened after being installed normally, as well as being the first thing installed after a hard reset.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions? I really would like to get this card working.

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    Wow... you're the first person I've heard from who actually got ahold of that card. Unfortunately since it's so new I don't know how much anyone here can help.

    Have you tried e-mailing spectec/eastgear to see if this is a known issue? It sounds driver/software-related to me, but that's just MHO.

    Have you tried just re-installing the software overtop of the existing software to see if that brings it back? Might help you avoid having to completely hard reset the thing every day.

    Some other tests for you, what if you take the card out after each time you use it--does it last longer than 24 hours? What about if you install the software but don't use the card at all for a day--will it work when you plug the card in the next day?

    Just some things to try.


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    hi dan, thanks for the quick reply, as always!

    no i haven't emailed anyone else. I have been conditioned by this forum and others never to start there first, as people here usually know more than they do. But since I am on the bleeding edge here, I'll go ahead and break that cardinal rule, and report back anything i get.

    A's to your Q's:

    Reinstalling over top doesn't help.
    I almost always take the card out after I'm done because I usually have a 1gb card for mp3s in there, and the wifi card wont fit in my brando case when installed. Although I have left it in overnight once or twice now that I think about it. I'll give that a shot as a band-aid for now.

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    I've installed the Spectec card and the Connectivity balloon has Wi-Fi listed for Internet and my router lists my XV6600 under DHCP Client Log but I can't logon to any websites through IE. Any suggestions?

    Also, how do I install the latest driver for the card?


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