I've had my Sprint 6600 paired with my Lexus hands free system successfully for a couple of months. Everytime I get in the car the phone automatically establishes a connection with the hands free system. I assume it worked this way because it (being the only device) was the "preferred hands-free" device in the phone's BT settings.

I just got the i-tech clip s stereo BT headset. To use it, I had tp set up both a hands-free connection (phone calls) and a high quality audio connection (music). The i-tech is working fine for both music and calls, the only issue I have is re-establishing connections. Neither the hands-free nor the audio connection will automatically reconnect when the headset is turned back on. Even if I make the i-tech the "preferred hands-free" device, it does not automatically reconnect (but my Lexus no longer does either.)

I am running the generic BT stack from the Sprint updated ROM (3500 I think) along with the PDA2K_BroadcomCorp_BT Update to get the A2DP capability.

Is my problem:
- a failure of the i-techs to automatically reconnect,
- a BT system setting on the phone I have wrong
- or a limitation of the BT stack?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help.