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    Bluetooth Success 2005 Acura TL With Bell PPC6600 (Canada)

    Just want to post for the benefit of other Canadians owning 2004 or newer Acura TL that Bell Mobility PPC-6600 works with the car's Hands Free Link. Only thing lacking for me is the Battery Status of the phone on the car display.

    Best regards from Montreal, Canada

    Audiovox PPC-6600
    Bell Mobility
    2005 Acura TL - HFL works fine with the PPC-6600

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    Interesting. I have not had success pairing my Verizon XV6600 with my 2005 TL. It gets almost to the end and then fails.

    I am running the stock 3500 build that came with the CAM version of the phone.

    Based on what I have read in other threads on this topic, I may have to download a ROM patch to make it work, and have not had time to do so.

    It would be nice if the thing worked without having to upgrade/modify...
    Verizon XV6600, Plantronics m3500, Acura Handsfree, 2.03

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