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    Amazon.com = best price for new xv6600 wc?

    Amazon.com is selling the unit for $549, but offers a $150 rebate if you sign up for a one-year (minimum) service agreement of a $39.99 or higher voice plan which I plan to do. Therefore, the net price is $400. The one thing I canít quite figure out is that Amazon.com does not seem to offer the unlimited data option. I assume I can add that separately, correct? Iíve tried calling our local Verizon store, but no one is answering.

    Anyone know of a better price (other than buying the phone used)?

    Anyone order their phone this way and find out something they wished they knew prior to ordering?


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    that sounds like a pretty good price. i paid $390 using my companies corp. discount with a 2 year plan. you can probable add on the data by calling customer support or going to a store.

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