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    ActiveSync Slow / Erratic

    Many times when I connect my PPC6600 it takes longer than I would expect, like a minute or 2, to get active sync to start its syncronization process. It seemingly gets stuck in "looking for changes" without much progress, and sometimes almost locks up my PC for 30-40 seconds. Also, if I leave the phone connected in its craging cradle, its not unusual for the Outlook icon in the systray to remain, but double clicking on it gives an error message that it can't open Outlook, even though I can open it via the normal desktop. I can also clear this error by removing the phone from its syncing cradle, but I wouldn't think things should be working this way. Do others have similar problems with ActiveSync, or are there any good suggestions to make it faster and less erratic?

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    There is a bug or as they say in programming lingo, "a known issue" in Outlook that sometimes leaves part of it running. The only way to get Outlook back is to re-boot. I'm constantly sending error reports to MS.

    If AS runs slowly, try disconnecting the device from the cradel, do a soft reset and try again. If AS zips right through the sync process it may be that you have some programs running on the PPC that prevent AS from using all the system resources it needs.

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    You can kill it using taskmanager as well; go to the processes tab and kill outlook.exe.

    I also use a program called ASReboot that will kill and restart AS
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