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    Formatting 1gb SD SANDISK card?

    Hey, my laptop has a built in SD/MS/MMC/SM reader. When i tried reading my new Sandisk 1gb SDIO card it would lag out and give me an error saying it needs to be formatted. When i click format it give me another error saying something about it not being able to format.

    I popped it in my XV6600 and transferred files fine via ActiveSync. I tried it again on my Laptop SD reader and it still doesnt read the card.

    Ive used the Built in memory card read with other SD cards and a memory stick also and it never gave me problems... Am i doing something wrong?

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

    (i tried searching under "Sandisk Format" but didnt pull up anything useful)

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    Try formatting it with Pocket Mechanic (search Pocket Gear).
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    I've actually seen a few SD cards that have done this. Basically they are defective and need to replaced.
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