I really did search a long time before asking the following. If the answers are there, then I apologize for being too dumb to see them.

Question #1:

Other than battery life concerns, is there some reason not to set SuperDave’s autostep program to run @ 533 all the time? I installed it today and it seems to be working fine @ 400.

Question #2:

Can someone tell me why I am not, for the most part, able to click on audio/video links at various websites and have the audio/video stream play in WMP?

There seemed to be one person with the same problem here Can't See web based video clips but there were no reply posts. In addition, I have seen posts on problems with playing media files that are on the PPC (e.g., a .wav file on a storage card), but those seem inapplicable.

Set forth below are some sample problems browsing in Thunderhawk and IE:

On the BBC website, I click on a video link and it says “Windows Media Player cannot play this file” and then tells me “Your file will be saved in \My Documents. Do you want to continue?” The file that is D/L to \My Documents is “BBCRadio7_hi.asx” with a file size of 306B.

On that same BBC website, I click on an audio link and a box pops up that says “Do you want TH to open the file for you?” I click “ok” which opens WMP, but then freezes with the title bar saying “BBC Radio 7 High – BBC – 48kbps”

At http://news.yahoo.com I click on a video link and the page comes up saying “initializing…80%” and then nothing further. Thunderhawk, at the same URL and clicking the same link, gave me the same “initializing” message, but the page also contained a message that said “Window blocked, click here to continue” Clicking on the link takes me to a page called “Media Helper” which tells me my system requires a software installation or settings change. It provides a chart that indicates the following:

Netscape Version 5 OK
Windows Media Version 0 Not installed
RealPlayer Version 0 not installed (with link that says “may install now”)
Quicktime Version 0 not installed

If I click on “continue” Thunderhawk brings up a screen that says “all required software must be installed before you can continue with Media Helper. Clicking “ok” brings up a screen that says my connectivity has been lost. I went to D/L RealPlayer for the pocket PC, but it seemed it was limited to a few Compaq/HP products.

At Lakers.com, I click on a highlight video (not that there were any this season) @ 56K and 300K and get a page with the following: “An error occurred while loading” and “unsupported document type”.

At NPR.org, I click a “Listen” link which takes me to a screen that says “select preferred audio player.” I select WMP and screen comes up saying “your file will be saved in \My Documents”. I click ok and after the D/L is complete, TH asks if I want TH to open the file. I click “ok” and screen says “WMP cannot play this file”. This same exercise with IE yields “page you are looking for cannot be found”

FWIW, at Microsoft.com, there is a link to “Mobile Friendly Websites.” I clicked on that linked and was given the choice to click on several things including a 2 minute clip from the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith trailer” which WMP played fine.

Any help is appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.