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    Is it possible to daisy chain sd or sdio cards?

    Let's just say for a minute that space and looks don't matter in this situation, i want to get a vx6600 open it up cram and sdio wifi card in there. but i want the card slot to remain completely free because i will be putting a 1 gig sd card in there.

    so my question is would it be possible to do something like solder the wifi sdio contacts to the appropriate contacts on the sd card lot, using maybe some bits of wire.
    then to boot the phone up, of course it would recognize the wifi card just like normal, and then put an sd memory stick in the card slot and have the phone recognize that as well?

    if anyone has done this, tried it, heard about it, can point me to a link, or has the time to test out daisychaining a couple sd cards on their computer card reader i would very much like to hear about it!
    thanks in advance!

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    The interface isn't multi-addressable. If you had design power on the devices, you could use addressing hacks to get around it, but then require custom drivers. (See the stupid sandisk wifi+memory that doesn't work in our devices at all as a great example of how to do it.)

    So. No.


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