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    Anyone tried Krussel Dynamic case with 3550 Battery?

    And does it fit? This case looks very tempting. Also Can I use the touchscreen through the see through plastic it has?

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    As I posted in another thread:

    Krusell Dynamic

    Originally posted by jtollus
    Anyone try this case yet? What were your thoughts? Would it fit a 2200/2400 extended battery?

    It is a really really tight squeeze with my 3550mAh battery, but I love the Krusell Dynamic! I didn't realize how much I missed my Brando!

    I need to get one of their swivels, I do not like the clip.


    "There is absolutely NO way to use my Brando with my 3550 battery. I don't know about the 2400mAh, I've never had one of those. I loved my Brando dearly, but I love the 3550 more.

    Even the Krusell Dynamic will not be an acceptable fit for everyone with a 3550, but it works well enough for me. There is not something stiff inside the sides, but the leather is very stiff like plastic-- plus the clear plastic keyboard cover keeps the sides together.

    With the 3550 the clsp will barely snap and the little top leather-covered hard piece does nothing to hold the harrier in, but it is so tight I am not worried about the phone falling out.

    My only concern is the plastic on the cover. Mine is already scratched, so I'm not sure how long it will hold up. It is nice to see who is calling, but I don't want to use the stylus on it too much."

    You can use your finger, but the stylus, although it will work, might damage the plastic over time.
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