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    xBackup restore warning on contacts

    I replaced my hardware after an accident with my old XV6600 hitting the floor. I decided to get the new one up and running by performing a backup of the old one, moving the SD card to the new one and restoring.

    But first, more background. One of the post purchase bummers about Pocket Outlook I discovered too late is how it handles Outlook categories. Many of my desktop contacts have cetegories checked, and many of them are in more than one catregory. Pocket Outlook simply took the one with categories and made each one a separate contact entry. For example, Mr. Jones who was a "friend," a "homeowner," and a "customer," suddenly had four entries. Fortunately, the duplicates were only on the Pocket PC. The desktop did not end up with the duplicartes - yet.

    The restore worked great until the first wireless synch, when it sent all those dupes into the desktop version because something got lost in the coordination between the new device and the restore operation. Fortunately, this thread gave me a reasonable repair method: Replace Outlook Contacts w/Handheld

    I'm not sure what I would have done differently, but here's a warning for the rest of you.

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    Xbackup is free. You get what you pay for.

    Sprite Backup is not free. You get lots more than what you pay for.


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