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    Battery sucks (vs i700 or HP6315).

    Over the last 18months I have had the samsung i700, which I sold to a friend so I could move on to the HP6315 (bluetooth)

    Last week I recommended the Audiovox to 3 people who bought it sight unseen. One person even got it from verizon for 189$ from verizon! After they offered me the 189$ too and I purchased 100$ worth of accessories..I got one instead of waiting for the samsung i730...and I am having second thoughts.

    NOW the peope whom I recommended the 6600 to are about ready to return it because the BATTERY life is less than "expected"...I opened mine and it show a 1400mah battery (standard?)..and I got less than a day of usuage out of that phone (get 2-3days on HP6315). Verizon does not seem to care much about this issue.

    Any pointers to a real/proven solution (i.e etended battery)..I will buy for all these 3 people I recommended the phone to...I read about version v2, v3 ...confusing; just want to BUY the real one.

    also looking for USB to phone cable so not to carry craddle around.
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    Read the faq.... there are options.

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    yes I spent the whole afternoon on this and there is only one supplier (lion) ; so I would not say that this falls under FAQ esp. since other threads are still debating such a battery in terms of
    wether it fits...and other problems!

    I find it strange that there is no more action on this. Other suppliers like HP and Samsung have at least an extended battery
    in their offerings.

    at least does anyone feel comfortable that it will not void the
    phone's warranty

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    If you need warranty service, use the OEM battery. Other than that it's a non-issue.

    EDIT: Also, for straight phone use, i can get 3 days with the OEM battery. Granted I have BT, Wireless Sync disabled and everything set very conservatively.
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    Your i700 had a processor running at half the speed of this one. You can get SuperDave's program and slow this one down also.

    Your i700 didn't have a bluetooth radio constantly transmitting. You can turn that off.

    If you have wireless synch turned on, that eats up power.

    Finally, get the 2400mAh battery. This unit has an undersized battery


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